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Googol Diesel Gas Blend Engine 800kW 1000kVA Dual Fuel Power Generation

Place of Origin China
Brand Name air-cooled diesel generator
Model Number air-cooled diesel generator
Min.Order Quantity One set Googol Diesel Gas Blend Engine 800kW 1000kVA Dual Fuel Power Generation
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Supply Ability 139

Product Features

Googol Diesel Gas Blend Engine 800kW 1000kVA Dual Fuel Power Generation

Genset Model HDGM1100
Engine Model QTA2160BG1
Rating Speed rpm 1500
Frequency Hz 50
Generator Continuous Output (COP) kW 720
Generator Prime Output (PRP) kW 800
Generator Standby Output (LTP) kW 880
Power Factor 0.8
Gas Engine Parameter
Engine Continuous Output (COP) kW 804
Engine Prime Output (PRP) kW 952
Engine Standby Output (LTP) kW 1058
Configuration 8 Vee
Displacement l 35.4
Bore mm 170
Stroke mm 195
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Piston Speed m/s 9.75
Number of Flywheel Teeth 218
Flywheel House Size SAE00-18
System Parameter
Oil Capacity l 160
Max. Allowed Oil Temperature °C 110
Oil Pressure Warning kPa 300
Oil Pressure Shutdown kPa 200
Coolant Capacity for Engine l 70
Max. Coolant Warning Temperature °C 93
Max. Coolant Shutdown Temperature °C 97
Flow of Coolant pump m³/h 48/45
Max. Exhaust Temperature °C 545
Exhaust Flow m³/min 225
Exhaust Flange Diameter mm 250
Charging Alternator Capacity A 55
Starting Voltage V 24
Fuel & Gas Consumption (PRP)
Fuel Consumption at 75% Load l/h 49
Gas Consumption at 75% Load m³/h 132
Fuel Consumption at 100% Load l/h 66
Gas Consumption at 100% Load m³/h 175
Generator Parameter-MECC ALTE
Generator Model ECO43-1LN/4
Generator Prime Output kW 880
Generator Efficiency @ 0.8PF 95.8%
Genset Dimension
Length mm 4600
Width mm 2190
Height mm 2300
Genset Weight kg 7650

Standard Supply Scope:

Googol Dual Fuel engine with alternator, 400V, 1500rpm, 50Hz

Air/Gas Mix System: Air/gas mixer, Controller, Pressure sensor

Governor System: Governor controller, Throttle, Sensor,

Gas Train:Ball Valve, Gas filter, Gas Regulator, Gas Control Valve

Gas Low Heat Value: ≥ 36MJ/Nm3

Maximum Gas Propotion: 70%

Applied gas:

Natural Gas,

Acceptable fuel gas pressure: 5~12kPa

CH4 content: for natural gas≥85% CH4 ,content:for biogas≥40%

Gas heat value≥5500kcal/Nm3 (23MJ/Nm3 ). Genset output power will increase as the gas heat value increase, if use low heat value gas for fuel (Heat value

Gas doesn’t include free water or free materials (the size of impurities should be less than 5μm.)

H2S content≤200mg/N

NH3 content≤20mg/N

Impurities content≤30mg/N;size≤5μm

Water content≤40g/N, no free water.

Acceptable working conditions:

Ambient temperature : -10°C~+40°C

(antifreeze or preheater needed for below 0°C)

Relative humidity:


Normal working conditions:

Genset can run at rated power on the conditions:

Atmospheric Pressure: 100kPa, Ambient Temp: 20°C, Relative Humidity: 30%.

Performance Feature

Engine and alternator shall be mounted on a same frame steel skid.

Built-in damper for anti-vibration.

World most famous brand diesel engine.

World famous brand AC alternator.

Advanced and reliable control module

Full range protection function and alarm shutdown feature.

Alternator Feature

Brush-less, 4 poles, rotation magnet.

IP21-23(NEMA1) enclosure is standard for all industrial alternators.

The insulation system is Class H

Simple installation and maintenance, with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

Wide range of flange adaptors and single bearing disc coupling.

Standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents

AVR auto voltage regulator, auto exciter, auto adjustment

Standard Accessory

Common steel base frame, Damper, Exhaust silencer, Flexible pipe, Battery and connecting wires, Operation manual and document.

Optional Accessory

Engine coolant and oil heater, Alternator space heater, Cooling for heat exGoogol Diesel Gas Blend Engine 800kW 1000kVA Dual Fuel Power Generationer, Control system with RS232/485 communication interface, Battery charger by main supply, Fuel-water separator, Daily fuel tank, ATS & paralleling system, and Moving Trailer.

Silent Canopy Description

Standard Accessory:

Steel Weatherproof Canopy

Built In Fuel Tank For 8 Hours Running

Built In Control Panel

Built In Start Battery

Power Output Rapid Insert

Windows for Looking

Air Louver for Intake & Exhaust

Exhaust Gas Silencer

Soundproof Type

Quality Warranty Period:

All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 1000 hours running or 12 months from the date when the generator set has been delivered from the factory.

ATS System

For emergency power usage in building, Auto transfer switch (ATS) is essential. ATS can automatic transfer load from Mains power supplying to Emergency power. In normal, when the Main power supplying failure or voltage drop below 80% of normal voltage, ATS will auto start Emergency generator set after a preset time of 0-10 sec (adjustable according to the users). Once generator reach at rated speed, the ATS will transfer the load to emergency generator sets automatically.

Generator Engine OEMs:

Generator Alternator OEMs:

Honny Power Certificates:

Honny Power Introduction:

The air-cooled diesel generator can have optional wheels and hand kits, Electric start or manual starting.Small-sized diesel generator sets includes open type and silent type.Our Googol Diesel Gas Blend Engine 800kW 1000kVA Dual Fuel Power Generation adopt different diesel engines and brushless generators.Generally adopt 1-cylinder&4-stroke&air-cooled engine, low fuel consumption, high reliability;It is easy to maintain as adopting brushless A.C.Generator and CDI ignition system.
air-cooled diesel generator are quick-starting, stable-running, little vibration, low noise, light weight, small volume, compact structure, suitable for areas on mining, factory, working on field, engaging in construction and army as movable power or electric power in ship, Googol Diesel Gas Blend Engine 800kW 1000kVA Dual Fuel Power Generation also suitable for areas on animal husbandry, fishery, forest, orchard, guesthouse and business as standby power.

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