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Air Cooled Diesel Generator Germany Brand Deutz F2L912D F3L912D F4L91D

Place of Origin China
Brand Name air-cooled diesel generator
Model Number air-cooled diesel generator
Min.Order Quantity One set Air Cooled Diesel Generator Germany Brand Deutz F2L912D F3L912D F4L91D
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 122

Product Features

Air Cooled Diesel Generator Germany Brand Deutz F2L912D F3L912D F4L91D


Deutz Air Cooled Diesel Generator Set
Model Prime Power Stanby Power Engine Alternator
KW/ KVA KW/ KVA Make Model Make Model
LG8DA 8 10 14 11 Deutz(Air cooled ) F2L912D LK Stamford LK164B
LG10DA 10 13 14 14 Deutz(Air cooled ) F2L912D LK Stamford LK164C
LG12DA 12 15 14 17 Deutz(Air cooled ) F2L912D LK Stamford LK164D
LG15DA 15 19 24 21 Deutz(Air cooled ) F3L912D LK Stamford LK184E
LG20DA 20 25 24 28 Deutz(Air cooled ) F3L912D LK Stamford LK184F
LG24DA 24 30 32 33 Deutz(Air cooled ) F4L912D LK Stamford LK184G
LG30DA 30 38 34 41 Deutz(Air cooled ) F4L913D LK Stamford LK184H
LG40DA 40 50 48 55 Deutz(Air cooled ) F6L912D LK Stamford LK224D
LG32DA 32 40 41 44 Deutz(Air cooled ) F4L912TD LK Stamford LK224C
LG50DA 50 63 61 69 Deutz(Air cooled ) F6L912TD LK Stamford LK224E
LG75DA 80 100 88 110 Deutz(Air cooled ) BF6L913D LK Stamford LK274C
LG96DA 100 125 114 138 Deutz(Air cooled ) BF6L913CD LK Stamford LK274D
LG100DA 100 125 117 138 Deutz(Air cooled ) F8L413F LK Stamford LK274D
LG120DA 120 150 147 165 Deutz(Air cooled ) BF8L513 LK Stamford LK274F
LG150DA 150 188 176 206 Deutz(Air cooled ) BF8L513C LK Stamford LK274G

The Generator sets are as per the specification :

A. The Generator sets
1- Brand new Deutz Air Cooled water cooled diesel engine
2- Brand new Original Stamford, LK Stamford, Leroy somer, Mecc Alte AC Alternators 0.8PF, IP23, H insulation class
3- Radiator with engine driven fan mounted on skid.
4- Set mounted Deepsea & Comap & Smartgen auto start control panel
5- MCCB mounted
6- Anti-vibration mountings
7- 12/24V DC Electric start system with maintaince free starting batteries
8- Industrial silencers with flexible connects and elbow
9- Genset will be with a base fuel tank for 8 hours running, with fuel gauge integrated in the base frame of generating set
10- Test report of generator, Set of drawings and O&M manuals
11- Standard tools kit


DEUTZ AIR COOLED Open Type Generator:

Silent Type Generator :











Company Information :

FUAN LONGKAI POWER CO.,LTD become one of the professional players of generating set manufacturer in China. The factory of LONGKAI, occupying a total space of 10,000 M2, is located in Fuan City, Air Cooled Diesel Generator Germany Brand Deutz F2L912D F3L912D F4L91D. Now LONGKAI supplies generating sets ranging 9KVA—3,300KVA open type, soundproof type, trailer type, containerized type diesel generator sets, ATS Panel , Synchronizing Penel ,Also we suply Alternators . At present, there are 4 Assembly Lines in LONGKAI to enable us to produce 1000 sets for Industrial Gensets , Alternators, per month. In partnership with our dealer over 40 countries, we keep moving to expand our business all over the world.

Our products have a good performance in quality. There are mainly 2 reasons: One is we have very good relationship with Cummins, Doosan Daewoo, Deutz, Lovol,Isuzu, Weichai, Shanghai engines and that of Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon alternators,also our own made high quality stamford technology generators. The other is we pay special attention to our technology innovation and quality control. To ensure the quality of our products, CNC machines, pretreatment and powder coating facilities for steel frame and silent canopy have been put into use in our base. There are about 150 staffs in LONGKAI, among whom, there are about 10 professional technicians, still there are many skilled and experienced workers. We treat our staff as our most important resource, and continue to train and improve every staff, that is the reason why most of them have been working with LONGKAI since the very beginning of its establishment.

Standard Supply Scope:
LG Generator set included: Diesel Power Engine, Brushless Alternator, Radiator, self-starting control panel, circuit breaker panel, Vibration damping pads, Hi-strength base frame .

Accessories Included: industrial type silencer, flexible bellow, Elbow and Flanges, Starting Battery & battery charger, Battery switch with cables

Documents included: manual book, product qualified card of engine, alternator, controller, generator set.

Optional supply scope:

1.ATS 2. Synchronization System 3. External daily fuel tank 4. Silent Canopy 5. Trailer 6. Fuel Pump 7. Fuel and Water Separator 8. Lub Oil Heater 9. Coolant Heater 10. Fuel Drain Pump

Our Service :

Befor Service : According to the clients’ requirement and actual situation, we will furnish the technology consultation and kinds of information.
After Service : Guarantee for one year or 1200 running hours (accord to whichever reach first) from installed date. During the guarantee period, we will provide the free easy-damaged spare-parts for problems caused by our quality of production or raw material, except the damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by customer's incorrect man-made operation. After expiration, our company provides cost spare-parts maintenance for gensets .


The air-cooled diesel generator can have optional wheels and hand kits, Electric start or manual starting.Small-sized diesel generator sets includes open type and silent type.Our Air Cooled Diesel Generator Germany Brand Deutz F2L912D F3L912D F4L91D adopt different diesel engines and brushless generators.Generally adopt 1-cylinder&4-stroke&air-cooled engine, low fuel consumption, high reliability;It is easy to maintain as adopting brushless A.C.Generator and CDI ignition system.
air-cooled diesel generator are quick-starting, stable-running, little vibration, low noise, light weight, small volume, compact structure, suitable for areas on mining, factory, working on field, engaging in construction and army as movable power or electric power in ship, Air Cooled Diesel Generator Germany Brand Deutz F2L912D F3L912D F4L91D also suitable for areas on animal husbandry, fishery, forest, orchard, guesthouse and business as standby power.

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