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25kva to 85kva Deutz Diesel Air Cooling Power Generator

Place of Origin Original 25kva to 85kva Deutz Diesel Air Cooling Power Generator
Brand Name Deutz
Model Number GNRD
Min.Order Quantity One set 25kva to 85kva Deutz Diesel Air Cooling Power Generator
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

25kva to 85kva Deutz Diesel Air Cooling Power Generator

DEUTZ engine is one of the most famous engines in the world. It gains plenty of users’ trust with its advanced performance. It is four strokes water cooled industrial engine.

It is based on German technique, combined the outstanding feature of compact structure,big power, low fuel consumption, small size,light weight, high Reliability and durability, slight vibration,low noise, convenient using and easy maintenance. Its exhaust emission comes up to EURO 2,3 standards

Genset Model Prime Power Standby Power Engine Fuel Consumption Cylinder No. Displacement Bore X Stroke Dimension (L×B×H)mm
KW KVA KW KVA (g/kwh) (L ) (mm)
GNRD16A 12 15 14 16 F2L912 238 2 1.88 100*120 1200*710*1030
GNRD28A 20 25 22 28 F3L912 232 3 2.82 100*120 1380*710*1030
GNRD41A 30 38 33 41 F4L912 228 4 3.77 100*120 1560*710*1030
GNRD55A 40 50 44 55 F6L912 228 6 5.65 100*120 1730*760*1050
GNRD68A 50 62 55 68 F6L913 228 6 6.12 100*120 1730*760*1050
GNRD75A 54 68 60 75 F6L912T 228 6 6.12 100*120 1760*760*1150
GNRD96A 70 88 77 96 BF6L91C3 228 6 6.12 102*125 2200*840*1370

Deutz Generator Features:

1. Genuine Detuz diesel engine

2. Radiator 40°C max,fans are driven by belt, with safety guard

3. Original Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon, or ENGGA alternato

4. Choice of manual/auto and AMF control panels and protection systems

5. Digital auto-start panel

6. Anti Vibration Suspension Absorber

7. Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter

8. 10-hour operation base tank

9. Mould case circuit breaker

10. 24V DC start motor and storage battery

11. 24V charge alternator

12. 24V batteries, rack and cable

13. Ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphon, flange, and muffler

14. Comply with ISO and CE standards.

15. All generator sets are gone through rigorous testing before being released to the market place, including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load , 110% load and all protection function (over speed stop, high water temperature, low oil pressure, battery charging fail, emergency stop)

General Technical Data

1. Frequency: 50 & 60Hz

2. Phase: 3 Phase 4 Wire & 1 Phase 2 Wire

3. Voltage: 120/207V,127/220V,220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V, etc

4. Small volume, light weight, low noise, low fuel consumption, water cooling with water tank

5. Monitoring meters and control switches

6. Protection provided for short, over-current, over-speed, high water temperature and low oil pressure

Control Panel:

1. Automatic control panel (AMF), LCD display

2. Four protection systems

3. Emergency stop


1. Trailer type

2. Soundproof / open type

3. ATS(automatic transfer switch)

Quality control of Genor Power Genset

1.The genset canopy can be designed by customers demand free of charge.

2.Noise level can be designed by customer demand, standard noise level is 70-73DB at 7m. Super silent is 60-65DB at 7m.

3. Canopy color can be painted free of charge by customer demand. It is high quality paint.

4.All connection components and door lock are stainless steel.

5. We added oil filling inlet with lock

6. The oil box is separate made and then welded to the base frame, not by simple welding on the base frame. It is to make sure there is no oil leakage

7. The base frame is with forklift mouth which is easy to load and discharge

8. For Logo, we can paint customer's logo when the order is more than 5sets.

9. For technical specification or question, we can support you by our strong technical team

Open Type Deutz Generator

Silent Type Genset

The air-cooled diesel generator can have optional wheels and hand kits, Electric start or manual starting.Small-sized diesel generator sets includes open type and silent type.Our 25kva to 85kva Deutz Diesel Air Cooling Power Generator adopt different diesel engines and brushless generators.Generally adopt 1-cylinder&4-stroke&air-cooled engine, low fuel consumption, high reliability;It is easy to maintain as adopting brushless A.C.Generator and CDI ignition system.
air-cooled diesel generator are quick-starting, stable-running, little vibration, low noise, light weight, small volume, compact structure, suitable for areas on mining, factory, working on field, engaging in construction and army as movable power or electric power in ship, 25kva to 85kva Deutz Diesel Air Cooling Power Generator also suitable for areas on animal husbandry, fishery, forest, orchard, guesthouse and business as standby power.

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